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But before you rush over to read the latest penning, here’s a sneak preview of my latest release, THE FIRST FELONY:

They weren’t supposed to cross the border. But they did it anyway. Twice.

L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Josefina Sanchez cannot turn her back on a former colleague and friend, even though he is suspected of murder and has fled the country.

Jerry Townsend’s wife was gunned down a decade earlier when the couple arrived home from a night on the town and surprised an intruder. With no suspects or even a motive, some of Townsend’s colleagues speculated that he had been part of a scheme to kill her. As rumors of his guilt abounded, Townsend quietly retired from law enforcement and disappeared.

Ten years later, Townsend reached out to Josie for help.

On an unauthorized and clandestine mission to find answers, Josie ventures into Mexico. Her partner, Dickie Jones, warns her against going, convinced that the trip south could leave her career in peril and her life in imminent danger. He is right.

As the truth unravels, Josie is drawn into a tangled web of crooked cops and their cartel connections. Will she make it back alive?

The First Felonyis the eighth novel in the highly acclaimed, best-selling, and award-winning Dickie Floyd Detective series. If you enjoy authentic police procedurals written by someone who lived the life, you’ll love this riveting crime series by Danny R. Smith.

Buy The First Felony today to accompany Dickie and Josie on another thrilling adventure!

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