The Murder Memo

The Murder Memo

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But before you rush over to read the latest penning, here’s a sneak preview of my latest release, The Program:

A cold case. A hot gun. A charismatic convict with a story—if he can live long enough to tell it.

When Rudy Prada is pulled over for a traffic violation and a gun is found beneath the seat of his car, he risks his freedom—and even his life—by breaking the code of the streets and talking to the cops. And not just any “cops,” but the one who sent him to prison twice and shot him once in the process: L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Josefina Sanchez.

Josie and her partner Dickie Jones are already up to their holsters in unsolved murders when Prada is found with a gun. Josie is more than happy to send him back to the joint, but he convinces her that he’s innocent and that he has changed his life, leaving crime and gangs and his addiction to drugs and alcohol behind him.

But when the gun is found to have been used to murder an L.A. city councilman, all bets are off for the convict. Prada has no choice but to run, but it isn’t only the cops who are searching for him—someone else wants him dead.

The Program is book 7 in the highly acclaimed, best-selling, and award-winning Dickie Floyd Detective series. If you enjoy realistic police procedurals and unpredictable plot twists, you’ll love Danny R. Smith’s riveting crime novels.

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