Podcast Appearances

Cops and Writers Podcast

Patrick O’Donnell is a retired sergeant from Milwaukee who hosts a podcast for crime writers. I was privileged to appear on his show and discuss parts of my law enforcement career. Link

Morning Coffee with the Chief

I joined former LASD colleagues, Chief Patrick Jordan and Sergeant Danny Coons, in a discussion about “The Onion Field” case, PTSD, and other related topics. Here is the link.

My latest podcast appearance with Chief Patrick Jordan and Deputy Mike Ascolese (ret.) discussing the Clint Eastwood classic, Magnum Force. Here is the link.


True Crime Daily Podcast with Ana Garcia

It has been my pleasure to be a regular guest host on True Crime Daily with the Emmy award-winning TV journalist and host, Ana Garcia.

Las Vegas Teens Beat Student to Death

School Teacher Gunned Down in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Playboy Model Kills Sugardaddy

Native American Murdered by Skinheads

A Dentist Murders his Wife

Brutal Stabbing of a Cheerleader

Lawyer Shot in the Head

Egypt Covington Murder Case and Florida Man Kills his Girlfriend

Woman Kills her Boyfriend and Writes a Journal


Cops and Cocktails Podcast

Cops and Cocktails is possibly the funnest podcast I’ve appeared on — maybe it was the whiskey. (:


Dr. Carlos Crime Network

Unsolved Murders Podcasts with Danny R. Smith

Unsolved Murders with Danny R. Smith

Every Wednesday Dr. Carlos and I review and discuss a new case, choosing from an endless list of unsolved murders throughout the country.

Follow The Dr. Carlos Crime Network and tune in each weekday for new content.

If you miss any of my episodes, Unsolved Murders with Danny R. Smith, you can watch them anytime by clicking on the shows listed below:

Episode 1: The Unsolved Murder of Pauline Robbin Burgette

Episode 2: The Unsolved Murder of Lynn Priestly

Episode 3: The Long Island Serial Killer Case

Episode 4: The Salsa Queen Murder

Episode 5: The murder of nine-year-old Amber Hagerman, for whom AMBER Alert was named.

Episode 6: Susquehanna Township, PA Detective Scott Meier discusses five unsolved murder cases.

Episode 7: The Musalo Family Murder, Montreaux, Nevada.

Episode 8: The Teardrop Rapist

Episode 9: The Kristen Smart Murder Case

Episode 10: Jane Doe 51, with special guest Sgt. Frederick Reynolds.



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