Destroying America

I had a fun blog prepared for today but it’s going to have to wait. I’m angry about what is happening to our country right now, how a certain facet of society is destroying America, and I’m going to vent about it here. If you’re angry too, read on. If not, this blog isn’t for you.

Our Country is on Fire for One Reason Only

March 30, 2020 Los Angeles (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

There is a generation of pop culture- and higher education-influenced America-hating Marxist communists who are hellbent on destroying America as we know it. These true believers—anarchists, career criminals, and sociopaths—think nothing of destroying property, stealing, and injuring or killing others, because they don’t view America as the greatest nation on earth.

Rather, they have consumed what their communist professors have preached to them about the evils of America, her founding fathers, and those who risk their lives to protect the very freedoms that allow them to express their opinions. And they are here to change the world.

While these radical leftists are busy literally destroying our country, many of our elected officials—some who are sympathizers of the radical groups themselves—are allowing this conduct to continue. Some are blatantly cheering the anarchists on because they, too—these self-loathing leftists—hate America, and they are rooting for its destruction.

1992 L.A. Riots

I was a cop during the 1992 L.A. Riots, stationed in South Los Angeles where the bulk of the violence, looting, and arson occurred. We battled night and day to keep the city intact to whatever extent we could, while some questioned why we did.

1992 L.A. Riots

Why not let “them” destroy their own communities? The answer to that was simple: because the hundreds of thousands of good cops who work in “those” communities throughout this country do so because they care. They risk their lives and livelihoods to protect the good people who live behind iron bars in crime-ridden neighborhoods just trying to survive. The majority of those citizens know how life would be if we weren’t there. The rest of America is seeing a good sampling of it now as many law enforcement agencies are being ordered to stand down while their communities are destroyed.

L.A. Riots 1992

The L.A. Riots comprised both thugs and opportunists. To my knowledge, there weren’t any Soros-funded ANTIFA anarchists and their America-hating offshoots coming in to wreak havoc. Of the two groups we continually encountered, there were definitive rules of engagement. The opportunists who were caught running out of stores with bottles of booze or television sets, sometimes with their offspring in tow, were arrested when it was practical to do so. Otherwise, they were chased off. But as for the thugs who were throwing bricks and bottles or shooting at us and the firefighters who were working to save the city, they were dealt with harshly. We met and exceeded their levels of aggressiveness in order to apprehend them and to send a message to the others: this is not their country to destroy. It’s time that message is sent again.

Professional Activists

May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

There are now professional or semi-professional activists who respond at the direction of those who wish to destroy our country from within, namely: ANTIFA. Many are paid. They are easy to spot, and that’s the part I find mindboggling as I watch the atrocities on TV. Why aren’t the cops targeting these masked, backpack toting, skateboard carrying (primarily used as weapons), black-clothed cowards who are stoking the fires among others who are legitimately incensed by the death of George Floyd?

Police should be going into the crowds and snatching these punks by their oily hair or mangy beards and dragging them behind lines of disciplined squads of riot gear-clad enforcers. Lock their asses up and then bring in the feds to charge them with terrorist acts. Then the feds need to go after America’s number one enemy, George Soros.

Los Angeles May 30, 2020 (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

And now that cops have been shot, run over, and killed by these so-called protesters, it’s time to put the rubber bullets away and take back the streets by whatever means necessary.

When they can take over and burn down police stations, we’ve entered third-world territory.

A Greater Force is in Play

The cops should also go after the gangsters, whom most cops know on sight. This week they’re having the times of their lives burning, looting, and taking cheap shots at the cops; next week they’ll be back to selling dope, robbing the vulnerable, and killing their rivals—and all too often innocent bystanders. Every one of them who venture into the fray needs to be arrested.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – 2020 Riots

The cops behind those shields, courageously standing those lines and holding those intersections, and all of the cops who have put in their shifts and now watch from home, a part of each of them wishing they could return to the fight, they all know what needs to be done. They see the antagonists, they recognize the leaders, and if the cowardly politicians or police administrators would get off their knees and let them do their jobs, this, too, would come to an end.

The Aftermath

The good people will rebuild while the hand wringers focus on how to further divide America, and the radicals plot their next act of subversion.

Meanwhile, the country that I know and love will have been forever changed, and not for the better. I fear for our children’s future, and like almost all of my colleagues, I’m willing to again enter the fray to help save it if I must.

And that’s something the little commie bastards haven’t yet considered.

* * *

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79 thoughts on “Destroying America

  1. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blog. I wish you could see me standing and cheering your OH SO accurate summary of the downfall of America, if nothing is done. Unfortunately, the liberal lefties have decided that we are expendable in their destruction of our country, as long as they can get rid of President Trump. I was in college in the ’60s, so I have experienced some of the lowest times in this country’s history. But these riots, Antifa, Soros, and the demented Democratic party have almost destroyed my hope for the country. It’s time that American Patriots, no matter the color of their skin, stand up and let their voices be heard. Protect this country!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. I have understood the maexist influence in our press, educators and entrttainment for years.

  2. Top marks Danny. Here in NZ we have a Prime Minister receiving plenty of praise for her leadership during the pandemic. Sure, some kudos is due. But as a serving cop I cannot overlook the left wing approach taken to offending during lockdown. Now we have strong opposition to armed patrols. People forget our leader is a committed Communist. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

  3. Forty years of the GOP destroying education and unions, the criminal theft of the entire population by the insanely greedy super-rich, the vilification of charity and citizenship in favour of hatred of the poor, etc

    #Mangowanker‬ is loved (pollsters say) by 80% of Republicans. Who must be yearning for civil war and starvation, for some obscure reason.

    Very very depressing.

  4. Spoken from the heart. I agree a harsher hand must emerge to stop the rioters. If not, the rioting will continue every time they do not get what they want.

    1. The rioters want a collapse of government in favour of martial law and suspension of elections. You’ve seen pictures of these (usually wildly bearded) haters screaming at some unfortunate security guy. Many of them are paid to do this and move around the country causing trouble.

      99% of protesters only want their voices heard, not their communities burned down. (As also shown on tv)

  5. Well stated. We agree with you completely. Time to step up. We will be right there with you.

  6. My friend in Klamath Falls, OR told me ANTIFA showed up in town trying to create dissent. The towns people came out in force, armed, and surrounded the court house to protect property. Don’t you know, the ANTIFA assholes got back on their bus and left town.

  7. Danny, you absolutely knocked it out of the park, including the insight that these strings are all being pulled from behind the deep state curtain (my interpretation).

    Pallets of bricks being magically delivered to rioters? Encrypted mass text msgs? Semi-uniformed thugs acting like block captains making sure nobody forgets to steal, loot, and burn? Rented getaway cars? Arrestees standing around looking at their watches like, “Can you speed this up, I have another riot to get to”

    This isn’t going anywhere good.

  8. Thanks Danny, you’re the voice of reason. At a time when my head feels like it’s going to explode when I see all this crap happening to my brothers and sisters holding the line. Dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, feels like it is just a no win situation out there. Rocks, bottles and even bullets to the back of the heads of our partners-what the hell is going on. Amen to Raul Sandoval’s comments-well stated and yes we will be stronger, mightier after all the B.S. Stay safe out there!

  9. Well stated by yourself Danny, Thank You. Also great responses by Mary, Raul, and Douglas.

    Thoughts and prayers for Patrick Underwood, RIP. The black life lost but never mentioned by the BLM movement because it does not fit their narrative……. hypocrisy at its finest.

    GODSPEED to our thin blue line.

  10. You have it exactly right, Danny. Enough of this crap. But with the spineless leadership we’re saddled with There is no chance that anything like what you suggest will occur. Any cop attempting to enforce the law will be the subject of selectively edited video to make him appear to be a out of control sadist. I am disgusted by what I’m seeing and even more disgusted by the reaction of these leftist leaders and their enabling leftist media.

    1. You are absolutely right, John. Thank you. Also you should see some of the nasty messages I’m getting because of this blog. People are assholes, and if they don’t like my candor, they’ve followed the wrong writer.

  11. Right on and Write on Danny. The myriad of politicians and ignorant people who continue to encourage rioting, looting and attacking cops as “protests” will be responsible for the anarchy to come. I pray for this generation of cops which includes my kids.

    1. Thank you, Greg. I pray for them too. Many of our offspring have followed in our footsteps and it is more frightening than being there ourselves. Far more frightening. Prayers, my friend.

  12. Danny well stated, we are living in sad times right now. God protect our law enforcement and first responders. I love your emails and books

  13. Well stated, we are living in sad times right now. God protect our law enforcement and first responders.

  14. So very true Mr. Smith. Well stated and reflective of my personal feelings as I have watched America burning to the ground. I pray everyday for the safe return of our active brothers and sisters who man the front lines. True warriors, every one of them!!

  15. I’m at a loss for words, and my heart aches.
    I have grandchildren and fear so much for their future.
    Thanks for saying what I’ve been feeling.

  16. Well stated, Danny. You have articulated the thoughts and feelings of most if not all of my law enforcement friends.

  17. You’re damn right. I agree 100%. We’re at a critical point in our nation’s history. Stay safe, brother.

  18. I agree 100%, it’s time for the liberal handcuffs to come off the Blue Line defenders. Let them grab these hell bent entitled punks and show them the inside of a jail cell. Time for the courts to bring back tough sentencing guidelines for the good of all the people.
    Well said Danny.

  19. BRAVO Danny. ….and excellently articulated pard!!!
    Violence IS the answer…’s ANTIFA’s answer. It’s their means to acheive a goal. That’s why they EAGERLY and AGGRESSIVELY engage in it .
    Now it’s time for American patriots to accept and embrace the reality that violence HAS to be the answer….to them.
    Until they are met with swift, decisive overwhelming violence perpetrated upon them, they will continue to perpetrate violence upon us.
    ANTIFA made the decision NOT to go about things peacefully. THEY have chosen violence.
    So be it.

  20. One of the hardest tasks for a human is to be introspective… and ask why do I do what I do? It’s hard to be self critical. So people join groups to find self worth. It’s easy to feel better about being a criminal, anarchist, child molester etc when you are among like company. Many of us choose to stand for what is right. Stand for unpopular beliefs like telling the truth, protecting someone from a bully or just standing up for something as basic as a flag, a prayer or respect for another.

    I guess we cannot be retired just yet…. still more work to do and battles to fight

  21. If the media would report these thugs as rioters instead of civil unrestors we could possibly make headway.

    Our small suburban town outside of Philadelphia has outsiders protesting and about 12 were arrested for breaking into a Macy’s Mall store. All of them were out of town people.

    The continuing black on black shootings in Philadelphia continue with not much outcry. Very little protesting on this issue.

    1. I didn’t even get to the media, but they too are part of the problem, enemies of this country (most outlets anyway). Thank you, MaryEllen for reporting in from Philly. What a tragic situation that has been there and everywhere.

  22. I too was An officer in 1992, during the LA Riots. My partners and I stayed on duty for almost four days protecting the citizens of Compton. As you mentioned in this blog, although I am retired, I feel the urge to return and stand by the current men and women of law enforcement to protect our communities.

    1. Thank you, Russ. Yes, I remember kissing the bride-to-be goodbye and seeing her three or four days later, and repeat. The bunkrooms were full during those short periods of rest between 12-hour shifts that lasted 15 or 16 hours.

  23. Thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking for days. And yes, there is still a little stirring inside , even after nearly twenty years of retirement, that makes me wish I too could be on those front lines. But with the OLD rules!

  24. There is a lot of truth in your blog! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and remember vividly the 1992 Riots and now the L.A. Riots of 2020!

    I went to UCLA and its true, lots of the “Professors” if they can be called that are paid to feed hatred and Marxism to tons of vulnerable youth when the same youth want to find their path in life. I vividly remember their class lessons on ” Revolution”, yet when I would call them out on their B.S., they would call it a “Peaceful Marxist Revolution”. And there was times when the same Professors would try to glorify gang members as “Oppressed Warriors”. Those are people that Never lived in my crime-infested neighborhood or almost got killed by stray bullets as a child. This happened to me as a child and seeing my loved ones being victimized by the low life gang trash made me hate this Marxist crap even more!

    For those of us who are from L.A., there is a “Communist Paradise” two hours away from here. (I am being sarchastic) Those people should take a trip to the colorful streets of Tijuana and better yet, live like the locals for a month. To see how a family really survives on 200 dollars a month, and the house has questionable water to shower and drink. Or how there is natural gas by the tank, but it costs 35 dollars to buy weekly, and groceries are 75 dollars per trip in Tijuana. Freebies like health care and Food Stamps are nonexistent, and forget even having a paved street in 2020, the city conveniently never does the basic street services beyond the tourist areas. Those same Communist-brainwashed people would beg on their knees to return to America within 2 days! America is a beautiful nation that is very generous, and it should Never be taken for granted.

    Seriously, its beyond stupid to loot something as insignificant as shoes and clothes. Is it worth it to risk being seriously trampled or even shot over senseless crap?! I miss the old LASD of the 1980s, when ass-kickings would keep the gangs in line. There was no need for Tasers or none of this “deescalation” b.s. The gangbangers would learn to fear the letters O.S.S. and slowly peace came to the neighborhood, the barrio. Police Officers and Sheriff Deputies are human too, and know that the people trapped in homes with Iron Bars were living hostages of gangs and criminals. And even in 2020, these Politician Bums conveniently forget how crime needs to be stopped by all means necessary. Thanks for your insight and please stay safe. L.A. may be in turnoil, but we will emerge stronger than ever before.

      1. Thank you for the kind reply! Made my day indeed! 🙂 Its times like this when reminiscing and recalling the past makes more sense than the turnoil of the present.

        In the nearby city of L.A., the mayor is planning to defund the LAPD permanently, and it would not be surprising if the L.A. County Board of Supervisors follow suit. The region has been suffering from high drug-related crimes and homelessness made worse by the pandemic and lockdown. Realignment, and reduction of many felonies into permanent misdemeanors made California an extremely dangerous nightmare now. Its true that the California Judicial Council forced the police and sheriffs to release ALL arrestees who have committed non serious felonies on down. Cite and Release……so the looters will be cited by daylight, get their rest all day and by the evening the looting begins. The media left that part conveniently out.

        So sorry for the long comments, but I hope that people out of California are aware of this nonsense at the Legislative and Judicial levels. After all of this violence ends, taxes will go up to pay for the damages, because insurance alone will not cover the looting/unrest losses. Before long, Los Angeles will look like a Tijuana slum. Then again, driving on the local interstate seems worse than Tijuana roads lately. A sad time to be a Californian. Be well in Free America Det.Smith.

  25. Thank you for expressing what I have been unable to articulate. This is the “change” our former president has wanted all along. He, who I will not name out of absolute disgust, wants nothing but the absolute destruction of the Republic that allowed him to take power. Too many of our citizens are handwringing over the poor condition of Black culture when it is obviously the people in this culture who need to look inward and bring about change within. BLM is a joke until they address the elephant in the room, Blacks murdering Blacks. And Antiphonies are about as antifascist as the GDR was democratic.

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