Fleeing California

Imagine a Roadrunner cartoon with the sound of tires squealing, a “meep-meep,” and the fleeting view of the famed chaparral ground cock hauling ass down a dirt road away from you. That was me fleeing California in 2004.

Nowadays you might hear more of a swooshing sound—or maybe a sucking sound, if you’re one of the few left behind—as nearly every cop pulling the plug uproots and heads for Idaho, Texas, Montana, Nevada, or Arizona.

Not Just the Cops

Many hard-working, taxpaying citizens are fed up with having every last hard-earned cent squeezed from their daily budgets. They’re tired of high gas prices, outrageous housing, unchecked homelessness, and the trendy soft-on-crime position that is popular among blue-state leaders.

Crime rates are soaring while that clown Gascon allows killers to walk the streets.

How Much More can Anyone Take?

Every week I see Facebook posts from friends who proclaim they never would have imagined fleeing California, yet there they go. Most are taking their pensions with them while selling their homes at inflated prices and laughing all the way to their new destinies where freedom and peace await them.

But it’s not only the cops and the hard-working middle class who are fleeing the blue states.

Many of the same people who voted in these radical leftists, and who support their insane policies, are moving out as well. Have they learned their lessons about the consequences of misguided ideologies?

Probably not.

Rather, they will likely arrive at their wonderful new communities that are clean and safe and where people are friendly and neighborly, and before you know it, they’ll be campaigning for and electing Soros-funded radicals like Gascon who will eventually destroy their new state too. Our states, for those of us who have already found refuge.

They are like vermin that destroy one area and move to greener pastures and continue their destructive practices there.

Lowlifes and Criminals

I see more scoundrels moving in all around, and my guess is, Southern Idaho isn’t the only place they’re turning up. Because, well, vermin.

This brings me back full circle to the point about cops leaving the big cities and looking to spend their retirements in relative peace and quiet.

See, we’re sick of the crooks and the scumbags and the dirty politicians and the pompous lawyers that protect them all. We’ve had it with Black Lives Matter (and their ilk), the Marxist-revolutionaries who masquerade as social justice crusaders while knocking down statues and burning buildings and assaulting innocents in their retaliation against The Man. We’ve had enough of all of it and we leave it behind to those who’ve created it, those who wallow in it and cry about the injustices against them while waiting for more government money or checks from Soros to go destroy another piece of American history.

Fight or Flight

We could stay and fight, but what’s the point anymore?

So instead we move on and hope to enjoy the beauty of places they’ve yet to invade and destroy, knowing our time anywhere is limited. They’ll eventually come here (or there) too. They’ll follow the blind fools who come before them and make it free and easy for them to come and live off the working class.

The Agenda of the Left

Boise, the second-most-liberal region in Idaho (Sun Valley being the first), has elected a mayor who came from Portland. She, in turn, appointed a police chief who also hails from that hotbed of communist reign.

Are they making Boise better for people who believe in the founding principles of this great nation? No, they are not—not at all.

Read the mayor’s manifesto here, showing her focus on “interrupting white dominance culture,” doing away with juvenile corrections, and taking immigration “consequences” into account while navigating through the criminal justice system. I’m sure “No Cash Bail” policies will follow.

Boise will soon be more like Portland, a city no longer safe in all its parts and on all its streets. A city where ANTIFA is allowed to terrorize its citizens while the police are ordered to stand down.

The time is quickly coming, and for some of us, we know it’s actually already here.

Fleeing California

The point is, many of us have fled California and other blue states in search of better lives, but we know our time enjoying wherever we land is limited.

We know there is no paradise or haven that will forevermore be safe and friendly and free of petty laws and arbitrary orders by the elected officials who mistakenly think they rule us.

Because we know they’re coming.

And that, my friends, is the greatest advantage in war—if anyone is still willing to fight.

* * *

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will share it with your family and friends.



38 thoughts on “Fleeing California

  1. This blog post is True Gold! The California Dream has turned into the California Nightmare. California, especially the Southern California area has become a crime-ridden fiefdom of criminality and despair. Police are told to stand down by the Marxist politicians and District Attorneys to appease the voting base into voting Democrat.

    A lot of this crime is blatantly happening because the average person is not given the ability to defend themselves or others without being put on trial as the “criminal”. Many families are rightfully leaving California, especially when parents have seen the leftist hateful ideologies embedded into “official” school curriculums all over California. Family Values sadly have become a vision of a by-gone era, and there is not even a basic respect for property, let alone human life in this part of California.

    For those that keep electing the same political scum that promise “free stuff” at election time, those are the same politicians that sold out their Constituents and their Oath of Office by appeasing anti-American groups like BLM and others at the expense of everyone’s safety. And for the people that have moved out of California, you have tremendous courage in taking that first step to leaving in search of True Freedom. As this week commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, that event is a sad reminder of how it was the last time people could legally defend their property and loved ones without facing charges. Sadly, a similar riot has the potential of happening when a biased and agenda-driven media pushes the false narrative of “Oppression”, when in reality the United States of America has bountiful opportunities for people to have a better life and a brighter future. Be well and safe in Free America.

    1. Man oh man, you hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head with your comments! Well said indeed.

  2. and there is the problem, fleeing instead of staying and trying to make things better. it is not easy, but fleeing is not the answer. unless of course things have gotten so bad that you do not feel at all safe anymore.

      1. I often hear the argument (that fleeing instead of staying and fighting) is part of the problem. While I can certainly understand the sentiment, it doesn’t change the fact that, after all is said and done, it remains only a theoretical argument in the case of fleeing CA. After one forces himself/herself to take a big bite of the proverbial “reality sandwich”, he/she must face the unpleasant reality that if the decision remains to stay and resist the transformation of a state such as California, they are in essence sentencing themselves to a life of being virtually surrounded by those who have a fundamentally different view of life. And they are allowing themselves to be governed by the left. So, while the decision to remain and fight the encroachment in a state like CA may provide a psychological salve that serves to make one feel noble via resistance, the reality is that they have decided to adapt to a state where the culture and politics is dominated by the left. Moreover, once again, living in a place where you are surrounded by the left may be relegating yourself to spending your remaining years in an unhappy setting in many respects.
        Everyone gets to make their own choice–just like the biological imperative suggests: RESIST, ADAPT, or MIGRATE. These have always been the three basic options available to animals and humans since the beginning of time. By the way, none of these choices are necessarily permanent. They can change over time, and often do just that. A person may try adapting and over time decide to migrate or resist. Or one may tire of fighting over time and opt to try adapting, and so on and so forth. Adaptation is probably the easiest of the three choices–at least for many. Choosing to resist, or choosing to embrace the effort and difficulty associated with migration are generally tougher. I think of the immense amount of courage it took to migrate from Europe to the fledgling America hundreds of years ago. I know many who have confided that they simply don’t want to deal with all of the effort and hardship associated with moving to a new state. I don’t criticize them. It’s a lot to undertake! In any case, I sincerely wish you luck with whatever decision option you choose.

        1. A problem I have with you Californians flaeeing your home state, is that so many of you keep voting for the same type of government that ruined your homes.

          1. I think that’s what concerns most people in conservative states. Some will argue that it is mostly conservatives fleeing, but I’m not so convinced that’s the case.

          2. Here in north central Arizona, most of the California transplants fled that state not because the weather was so bad, but to escape the political craziness that only seems to be getting worse. They are, in essence, political refugees. As such, they not only vote for conservatives, they also tend to get involved in politics (e.g., working phones for Republican candidates). However, we also have quite a few transplants that left the northern mid-west states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.). Based on the many conversations I have struck up, virtually all of these folks fled the harsh weather in these midwestern states. And every one of these transplants I have met, save one, still vote Democrat. I acknowledge that the above is really only anecdotal evidence, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. Were I a resident of Idaho, I might be more concerned about the recent influx of new residents fleeing the coastal north western areas like Seattle and Portland than the folks coming up from CA. But who knows?

          3. Interesting. Yes we have definitely seen an increase in NW movement as you mentioned, those fleeing the coastal cities that the dems are allowing to be destroyed by anarchists. All you can do is hope they learn.

  3. A sobering, sad, and I fear, accurate synopisis of the current situation. Thank you for putting this out there, Danny.

  4. Hi Danny, You mentioned you are hoping for the swing back to the CONSERVITIVE side, or at least to the center point. Sorry my friend, once the herds of illegals are here and getting all the free stuff, they will NEVER say I don’t want free stuff, I want to work my way up the ladder. Once we hit the 50% of “I want all the free stuff” we’re doomed.

    1. John, I know you’re right, but I also try to hold out hope. Maybe foolishly, but… I still have many friends and a lot of family who may never leave, and I hope the state can come back. Plus I like to visit during my winters and golf. (;

  5. Yeah Smitty, this is me now. I’m searching for that piece of land in hopes to escape the politics, the corruption of California. Don’t get me wrong, Beauty wise, California still holds its Beauty. I live at the base of Mt Baldy, whereas I can be hiking trails within minutes, and if I do choose, I can be surfing the Pacific Ocean within an hour. Yes, California still holds its beauty which it has always held. The Hollywood Elitists, Leftists Politicians have turned this Beautiful state into a complete sh!thole that it is today. California where criminals face No Determent in any crime they choose to act on. In cities like LA, SF, and more, a criminal may be arrested and almost immediately released before our Deputies have completed the necessary paperwork. The same criminals are being arrested again and again for the same crimes. These azzholes are brazen enough to tell the arresting officers, that WILL just do it again, when released. They know they’re no real punishment for the crimes they commit.

    So yes, I’m searching for that place I may call home, where I am not checking my gun beside me before I lay my tired old head down to sleep. But as you’ve stated, I too have concerns where I might relocate to. I see Arizona where my own daughters have moved to, seeing it has become a refuge for left leaning Californians to relocate to, with the same ideology which made California a cesspool. I’ve looked towards Idaho, though I haven’t seen it as obvious as Arizona, but I have heard from others mimicking your own words of left leaning changes. So where do go, I don’t know.

    California will never be Red again, I firmly believe that. The laws that have passed in California, taxation, lawlessness, why would any good American citizen want to live, work, and raise a family in such a state of Marxism. The voting system, I vote every election, but I no longer have faith of the voting system here in California, with electronic voting, mail in ballots, more votes in a county than registered voters. Laughable.

    I’ll keep my eyes open, prayers of faith & hope… we truly do need God & Faith, hoping Our Nation rights itself.

    I don’t have answers.

  6. “Boise will soon be more like Portland…where ANTIFA is allowed to terrorize its citizens while the police are ordered to stand down.”

    I’ve been watching this going on around the country for decades, mostly thinking it was a normal left and right swing of the pendulum. I lived as a kid in suburban Milwaukee when the race riots of the 1960s were going on in what was then called the Inner Core, Spanish Harlem in the mid-1980s when the crack wars were going -a long shot from Harlem proper where the wars were really going, but the building manager opened a trash can one morning and found a drug dealer looking at him, or at least the late lamented’s head doing so. Milwaukee again after that with more of the crack wars, but in the Lower East Side in what was a wonderful walking neighborhood…except in Wisconsin only criminals could carry a gun in those days so walking to and from a movie theater at night meant ostentatiously carrying a 5D cell Maglite to tell urban sophisticates that while I wasn’t invulnerable, pickings would likely be easier from the next person.

    The City of Milwaukee’s response to all the killings: shut down the Milwaukee Gun Club, a lakefront trap shooting facility since the 19th century, because shooting league trap causes violent street crime.

    I remember talking about it with family members who lived nearby: their hostility toward the trap club was sanctimonious and intense -and toward me as well for defending trap shooters as unrelated to crack heads murdering store clerks, carjacking at gunpoint, and producing crack babies who cost $65,000 to keep alive their first month- made no sense but was very real. Reality didn’t matter to them: people were being murdered with guns, trap shooters used guns, therefore trap shooting led to gun culture to violence to murder. End of trap shooting on the lakefront.

    Then the pendulum swung back toward sanity. The Mariel Boatlift took place, the Miami police chief went public, telling the law abiding to get guns because the police were unable to protect them, Florida became the modern pioneer of shall issue carry permits, and that led the way nationally in what proved to be an amazing cultural transformation over the next forty years. So maybe we can thank Fidel Castro for Americans starting to take the right to carry a gun seriously again,

    Now…things feel different. The Democratic Party, which used to be a party of people with whom I usually disagreed on policy but at least seemed then to be rational and patriotic, is controlled by people who have used the peaceful political process to infiltrate and take over every governmental bureaucracy including the school systems, people who outspokenly hate America even as they lie about our history. They hate America, they hate white people, they hate any non-white people who don’t hate white people, they hate individualism, hate capitalism, some even talked publicly during the last election of ‘what we will have to do with Republicans’: re-education camps, prosecutions, prohibiting Republicans from voting. The frothing at the mouth ‘newscasters’ spending four years lying, not daily or hourly but how many times per hour: The President is a proven racist, a white supremacist, a Russian agent, a rapist, he praised the Charlotte white supremacists as ‘good people’, the protests are mostly peaceful even as cities burned, Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist militia member, the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, as the apolitical FBI buried it for a year and we never would have heard of it if that shop owner hadn’t made a copy of the hard drive and made it public…in time for our Democratic/Progressive friends to shut down the New York Post’s entire Twitter feed during the last weeks of the presidential campaign for daring to break the political story, but spent an occasional 15 seconds telling our friends who trust them that it was Russian disinformation. Go back to sleep.

    It all feels very different from the 1960s and 1980s. Corporate control of the news media is far more concentrated today, with far fewer people making policy decisions, with entertainment companies which have massive investments in communist China also owning news companies which must not be allowed to offend the Chinese…even if they wanted to, which they apparently don’t. It feels different today.

    In the 1960s big city Democratic politicians tried to put down the riots. Today they praise the rioters, urge people to contribute money to bail funds for those few arrested, and order the police to stand down as their precinct houses are burned.

    What we didn’t know decades ago was how deep the rot in the federal government already went. Imagine that at the height of the Cold War the CIA hired a guy who admitted while taking his lie detector test that he had voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall for President. Voted communist at the height of the Cold War. No problem. Then eventually made him Director of the CIA. Wouldn’t that be the stuff of a ludicrous novel you didn’t bother reading to the end? Meet CIA Director John Brennan. Newsweek said “…Brennan’s admittance that he voted for Communist Party leader Gus Hall for president in 1976…has regularly been scrutinized by his critics, there is no evidence that he was a member of the Communist Party.”

    Ah, well, in that case: Brennan was never a MEMBER, or at least there is no evidence. Nothing to see here. Move along. Or else be branded a conspiracy theorist by Democrat-owned Newsweek. The future Director of of the CIA voted for Gus Hall in 1976: he admitted it to the CIA and was hired anyway. Then he was promoted, eventually to Director.

    At the same time, national government dictates to school districts (lest they lose their precious funding) that boys so severely mentally ill that they think they are really girls must be allowed to shower with the girls. Sports associations dictate that boys claiming to be girls must be allowed to compete as girls. And the girls, young women, and their parents complain but accept it.

    I’m actually surprised there has been so little violence committed by outraged athletes and parents against the thugs who have taken over. Not a single outraged parent has walked into a school board meeting and gunned down the board, even as rational, informed discourse is denounced by the left as a tool of white supremacy.

    What is left when civil discourse and debate are made socially unacceptable because they are ‘racist’? I know of only two things: submission and violence.

    One leads to our becoming like East Germany with a corporate/government information gathering and control system which puts the Stasi to shame, the other to war. Corporate ‘news’/social media is already adopting its own version of China’s social credit system: offend the Powers and find your Twitter account cancelled even if you are the President if the United States, report on inconvenient news and your Twitter account will be shut down until you submit, New York Post. Are you an epidemiologist who doesn’t agree with Dr. Fauci? YouTube will take down your videos and Facebook with shut you down. Offend Google by writing a memo complete with direct quotes and footnotes from refereed journals, questioning the efficacy of Google’s hiring and promotion practices? You are fired, James Damore, because Google values diversity. And submission. Are you a bank providing financial services to gun companies or an insurance company providing insurance to the NRA? What do you do when you get a letter from the governor of New York saying in as many words that if you continue to do so, that will be taken into consideration when the state regulators next look into renewing your license to do business?

    Pardon me for seeing a Soviet system already in place and growing.

    The question isn’t ‘Will there be violence?’ Violence is already occurring, from shooting Republicans at a softball practice to burning cities to executing LEOs on the street.

    What I wonder is ‘Will there be a meaningful response in kind, so meaningful that it exceeds the Progressives’ ability to crush?’ That would be a lot of violence, and it might very well not exceed their ability to crush it. Imagine the results of that scenario. I saw the beginning of the Lebanese civil war in the Fall of 1975, and briefly in the Spring of 1977. We don’t want to go there. Guaranteed, we do not want to go there.

    The entire world would pay for America taking itself off the world stage while China and Russia run amok, and there is no predicting what the results of that would be for America…other than that they would not be good.

    I had a pleasant fantasy a while back, that when the mayor of a city orders the police chief to pull the police out of a BLM/Antifa riot/looting/arson/insurrection, and the chief complies, some of the police arrest the mayor and the chief for conspiracy to commit riot, looting, arson, and insurrection, and when a judge orders them released, the police arrest the judge as well for the same acts. Repeat as needed.

    Unfortunately, in real life the question then becomes ‘and then what?’ In real life we get federal troops brought in to crush the ‘insurrection’ by the police while CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, and the NYT froth at the mouth about the traitors and white supremacists (including the non-white ones), and Google/Twitter/Facebook et al go full propaganda, convincing at least half the country. Then perhaps we get a real hard core East Germany-like America, or perhaps a Lebanese civil war on steroids. Or first a civil war and then a StasiUSA.

    So I don’t see any good alternatives, because this doesn’t feel like a simple swing of the political pendulum. The other side has too thorough a command of news, ‘news’, communication, education, prosecutors, the FBI, CIA, and the state and federal bureaucracies. People who control the colleges which are training the future state and federal judiciary, the ‘news’ elite, the communications companies, the future executives of our biggest corporations, seem firmly in control.

    So I don’t know what is going to happen over the next twenty years. I’ve long asked a question of those who demand to ban guns, or certain types of guns: In 1910, how many sane Germans would have claimed it was even possible that within the remaining lifetime of an already middle-aged German, the government of one of the most industrially, educationally, economically, and artistically sophisticated countries on earth would build extermination factories and run over six million innocent civilians through them? Yet 35 years later the Holocaust was already over.

    Today the Left dehumanizes their opponents too. ‘MAGATS’: dehumanizing them as insect larva. Some Lefties call for re-education camps for Republicans and their children. Banning their voting. Prosecutions. Throw them out of college. Fire them. Sound familiar? A little bit?

    I don’t know what the next couple decades will bring, but geographic sorting is going to continue. Perhaps the response to lefties moving to places like Boise should be to stop being polite to them. Tell them in as many words that they aren’t welcome as neighbors, to go back to the beds they made in California.

    That doesn’t sound like a good way to build a unified community but there may not be a way to do so, because they aren’t likely to leave their neighbors alone: they will take over the local government, and with that they will have respectability and power.

    My apologies for this having grown so long and so gloomy.

    Tom Bosworth

  7. My Uncle and his son (both retired LASD) moved to the Boise area. I considered my home state of Arizona but they are making unwise decisions as well. Now we are looking to Tennessee. Except for the bigger cities (like everywhere) the state appears to not be giving in. Where will it all end?

  8. Sad commentary, Danny, but one that it true. Illinois is in the same boat. People are leaving in droves. Unfortunately, this is a one party state. In many elections only the Democratic candidate is listed on the ballot. The Republicans don’t even have a candidate running for the slot. the crime rate is out of control, and we have a radical State’s Attorney here in Cook County. The future looks very bleak.

  9. Boooooooooooooom! I do believe you’ve nailed this squarely on the head. I can only hope people realize it sooner than later!

      1. Every day one needs to make hard decisions and stand by them. Not easy my friend, but we make them

        Appreciate your intelligence and courage to speak
        Others hear and fail to speak or act. We do not.

        5th Generation of Dudley Griffin… Revolutionary War Soldier

  10. My oldest son worked in southeastern Idaho (about 45 minutes west of Jackson, Wyoming) for about 3 years. He had a T-shirt with a red circle and inside the circle was the silhouette of California with a line drawn through it and one word underneath “NO”. Everyone in Idaho loved it.

  11. Very well said. I’ve seen that insidious invasion taking place in Texas, you only have to look at Austin to see it’s results and Austin is not the only city that is being subjected to the liberal agenda. I see our politicians and many citizens clamoring for new businesses to relocate to Texas, for the jobs and the boost to our already booming economy, the problem is that most of these businesses bring with them their current employees who continue to vote for a disastrous liberal agenda. God save us from these radicals and their policies.

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