Pick a Side

The lines have been drawn and it’s time to pick a side. Either you stand for law and order, or you are advocating for anarchy, chaos, and the destruction of civil society.

Two L.A. County Deputies Ambushed

L.A. Sheriff’s deputies ambushed, both critically wounded by multiple gunshots.

Before I continue, you should know that I am writing this just hours after two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were ambushed on the evening of September 12, 2020.

Each of them shot multiple times while seated in their patrol vehicle, providing security at a Metro rail station in Compton. Their blood-soaked tan and green uniforms and gold stars are the same that I wore. Their black and white patrol car—riddled with bullets—bears the same identifiers as those that I drove. It happened in an area where I spent much time throughout my career, and the news of it hit me hard.

It always does.

Black Lives Matter

Then, while both of these heroes were fighting for their lives at a local hospital, miscreants gathered outside, blocked the entrance to the emergency room, and at one point tried to force their way inside the hospital. All the while chanting that they hoped that the gunshot deputies would die.

This is what Black Lives Matter is all about: A war on police.

In the demented world of those who are destroying our nation’s cities under the flag of Black Lives Matter, and who are perpetuating the lie that systemic racism exists and that cops are hunting black people, they somehow believe that two cops risking their lives to make it safer for Compton residents to commute to and from their city, somehow deserve to die.

Law and order is the backbone of any civil society, yet for some reason, a sizeable portion of this country is choosing to stand in support of the radical Marxist movement that is Black Lives Matter. Professional sports, many educators, various corporations, and—let’s just be honest—most Democrats, are in support of BLM and their associated terrorist activities.

Is it naivety, or pure evil, that motivates so many organizations and individuals to support Black Lives Matter? I hope that for many, it is pure ignorance born of the desire to be seen as virtuous, everyone wanting to be part of the cool kids’ crowd.

Because after all, who would argue with the statement that black lives matter? Of course black lives matter—all lives matter! But the statement and the organization are two very different things.

Statistics Don’t Lie

In fact, if you examine the actions and motives of BLM, it is clear that “black lives” are not at all the concern of its members. If their motive was truly to improve the lives of blacks, why not address the real threats they face:

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, homicide is the leading cause of death for black males and females ages 15-24.

From 1980-2008, blacks accounted for almost half of the nation’s homicide victims, and more than half of the offenders in murder cases. Black people represent just 13% of the population.

In the United States, the abortion rate of black women is nearly five times that of whites, according to the Guttmacher Institute, while accounting for just 13.4% of women in America, per the U.S. Census Bureau.

The out-of-wedlock birth rate for blacks is an astounding 69% according to the Center for Equal Opportunity. Every clear-thinking American knows what that phenomenon does to a community.

And where is BLM? They are receiving millions in donations; how much are they spending to combat these tragic trends in the black community? Or is it all going to fund the elections of Democrats?

Defunding the Police

Also, this move to defund the police would be disastrous to many people of color who live in high crime neighborhoods. Don’t believe the lies—it is only the radicals who want the cops gone. The vast majority of residents in POC communities appreciate that the cops are there and support what they are trying to accomplish.

How do I know? Because I spent the bulk of my career in South Los Angeles.

Does Black Lives Matter really care about Black Lives?

I’m not alone in arguing that they don’t. BLM is nothing more than a radical political movement designed to destroy America from within and replace it with a Marxist-communist government. They are domestic terrorists, funded, in part, by the most evil man in America, George Soros.

And they have declared war on the police.

Unfortunately, the Democrats of today largely support their radical agenda. I’m not going to waste my time or that of my readers substantiating that claim. If you can’t figure it out for yourself, then you are woefully ignorant or willfully blind to the facts.

What Might be Coming

Many of us see and understand what is happening in the various (Democrat-controlled) cities in our country, and we know that the day is coming when good people are going to be forced to fight for our lives.

I can assure you that many of us are ready, more so than the other side could ever imagine but may eventually discover. They’ve awakened a sleeping giant, those of us who are capable, equipped, and experienced in dealing with violent predators.

We will rise up if need be—make no mistake about that—though we would prefer to live our lives in peace.

Educate Yourselves

For those of you who are willfully ignorant, who allow your children to engage in virtue signaling with their BLM shirts, buttons, and banners, or who turn a blind eye or even encourage them to be among those destroying this nation, you had better wake up.

Because if you enjoy your comfortable life, if you have anything at all to lose, if you are an otherwise law-abiding citizen who hopes that your children and grandchildren will live in peace, you are choosing the wrong side if you’re siding with BLM.

Turn your back on our police, and you will soon experience third world chaos and violence in your neighborhoods, on your streets. If not stopped, these radicals will destroy our country.

And don’t tell me you support the police and Black Lives Matter; that is a lie. BLM has openly advocated for the death of all cops, and their members are publicly cheering when our law enforcement officers are ambushed and gunned down.

Think about that.

* * *

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47 thoughts on “Pick a Side

  1. Well I’ve been a police officer for 37 years and have a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice, but I’m not an attorney. So I’ll line up with the line-swine and agree with Dan.

  2. Danny all I will say is this I will rise up with you side by side !! This needs to stop !! All BLM cares about is BLM and making as much trouble as they can !! So again I am on the east coast I left the streets almost 13 years ago but it is right there and I will fight for my country our Police Departments officers past present future anytime anyplace anywhere BRING IT!! BELIEVE THAT

  3. I totally agree with you. How can anyone defend BLM as that one guy did above. There are numerous videos of them openly calling for the killing police officers. This has nothing to do with “protesting.” I’m getting sick and tired of liberal idiots trying to ameliorate the disgusting actions of these lawbreakers just because they don’t like President Trump. The sad truth is BLM is based on a false narrative that police are systematically hunting down and killing black people. It simply isn’t true. As you said, check the statistics. Stand up for what’s right.

  4. Y’all got me talking to myself….

    Why is it that I have to accept someone else’s thoughts but they cannot accept mine?

    I’ve had multicultural and transgender coworkers.. Do your job and work out your drama on your time. We have work to do and I don’t need to realign my world to make you feel happy. Worked out fine.

    There was no hate or thought of harming them. Folks are different. Understand that and move on. My 5th GG Grandfather was in the revolutionary war. He helped found this Country. Not going to compromise his memory or his contributions.

    If you are unhappy then go where you feel better. Do not expect everyone else to hug you and accommodate your feelings. Snowflakes

    Done. Love you Smitty. See you soon.

  5. Having worked much of my 35 years in the South LA and Compton area, I was extremely disgusted with the acts of that cowardly shooter. I agree with much of what you say about BLM and their agenda and only hope that most of America will wake up and see the future carnage we will be facing if this is allowed to continue. I can tell you that my retired Marine Corps son and his family are definitely on the right side of this issue. My youngest son is also aware that his future and the future of his son are in jeopardy. We are ready (but not looking forward to battle) to fight the good fight and keep America on the right path.

  6. Your article says it all, Danny. I don’t see how anyone could even attempt to justify fence straddling on the issue of law enforcement versus chaos, anarchy and communism.

  7. Very well stated. It’s time that BLM as well as Antifa are formally declared terrorist organizations and treated as such.

  8. All I can say is wow !! You really have been drinking a lot of Trump’s Cool Aid. I was a city police officer for over sixteen years. After law school I practiced criminal law for over twenty seven years. I think you better get some of your facts right. I’m really glad you have a large following, less one after what I just read which was filled with so much short sighted nonsense it was hard to read. Defund police doesn’t mean take money away from police it means redistribute the money that goes to police which in turn would help the police use redirected funds to set up programs to help the police internally on how to retrain officers on community response, how to deal with people on the street with mental issues. Black crime is caused in large part to social economic issues. This is what the real Black Lives Matter movement is about. Most of the riots are as a result of outside agitators that have nothing to do with the peaceful demonstrations. As far as the Democratic Party bringing Communism to the United States that is you and others jumping on the Trump train. Donald Trump is a person who has at one time or other during his business career been under criminal investigation. Usually while putting the screws to small companies who mistakenly did business with him. Fraudulent business activities, lying under oath, lying period. This is all part of his mantra. Educate yourself. This is about the only thing that is factually correct. So yes I’d agree that you should better educate yourself.

      1. Sir, I would suggest you read the following regarding defunding the police. You could use the additional education.

      2. I’m a little late to the party here but you know I would stand tall on the line with you any day. Bring it! Anyway, haven’t the Board of Supervisors, City Councils, Mayors and Governors been defunding the police slowly for years…think about the need for equipment, cars, training and the dwindling numbers being hired. Just something that I have been thinking about lately.

    1. I hardly know where to begin, Mr.Sager. I guess I’ll begin by saying that academic credentials don’t impress many of us who know what weight they really carry in a discussions like the one in question here. I have a M.A. degree in criminal justice from a reputable university as well as a double major B.A. in political science and economics from a major nationally recognized university. My GPA was close to 4.0 . So what? Who cares? In fact, I seldom share my educational background with others until I have known them for quite a while. Know why? Well, first of all it doesn’t make my top five lists of lifetine accomplishments. Moreover, when I do, I have discovered that most people’s first impressions tend to be that I have checked in my wisdom for useless education. Gee, I wonder why that is. I actually taught at the collegiate level for awhile, an experience that further opened my eyes to exactly what is going on in so many of our places of higher learning.
      If we are to be honest, we have to acknowledge that college degrees (and graduate degrees) in liberal arts not only have very little to do with one’s ability to think critically, but more often than not diminish one’s ability to do so. Ever listen to what comes out of Congresswoman AOC’s mouth? A perfect illustration, if there ever was one. of how most university graduates in liberal arts have been indoctrinated–not educated.
      Anyone who cannot see the hard Left’s strong push to take control of American politics and governmental infrastructures right now either isn’t paying attention in the least or else believes that pushing the big lie is a worthwhile cause. Reminds me of how Mao’s Cultural Revolution was carried out. And the violence and intimidation being carried out by the Marxist/nihilist punks across so many American cities certainly reminds me of the Nazi Brown Shirts. But you say that Danny has been drinking the “Trump Kool-Aid”? Wow. Talk about not having one’s facts straight. Danny has called it spot on, and you sir seem to have swallowed a bit of the Marxist inspired “teachings” that accompanied the education you are so proud of. I only hope that the quest for education that inspired you all those years ago still exists enough to urge you to do some research on Marxist revolutions that have taken place across the globe. Don’t take my word for it, but rather do your own investigation–with an open mind.

    2. Mercy me Danny, you sure know how to trigger the snowflakes. Especially the brilliant ones like Stevie. Come on man, cut him a break. Don’t you realize how hard it was on him when he was a cop….having to work with dullards like the rest of us? Can you imagine being brilliant Stevie in a sea of ignoramuses? Can you imagine the frustration for him?
      Guys like us have no idea what’s it’s like to be the smartest guy in the room. But Stevie has to deal with that everyday. Intellectually challenged guys like us just don’t get it. We only recognize the obvious, point it out, and base our opinions on it. It’s easy to recognize the obvious for simpletons. Not so much for Snowflake Stevie. He He’s burdened by brilliance, saddled by reality, and encumbered by facts.
      I can only imagine the emotional strain he must of endured for those 16 years he was a cop. It had to be emotionally crushing to work with all the other cops that were laughing at him (like we’re doing now)…and being totally uninterested in hearing just how brilliant, educated and insightful he is.

      What Stevie is too brilliant to see… that as “uneducated” as the rest of us cops are….we recognize things. Things like:
      Education doesn’t equate to intelligence. An idiot can be educated.
      A wise man never lets his schooling hinder his education.
      It is possible to educate a man beyond his intelligence.
      (But that’s not the case with Stevie….just ask him).

      1. I am truly laughing my butt offf now. That was some funny stuff, brother! Like a lot of good humor, there is a core of truth that lies beneath it. It is truly aamazing–and more than a little frightening–to see how many Americans have been indoctrinated with leftist ideolgy. Our educationional system (from kindergarten thru grad school) has really done a number on our citizenry re the “hate America because she is evil” stuff.

  9. You are all forgetting the positives associated with a Democrat landslide. Their election would spell a rapid leap toward communism.

    Defense attorneys would be out of a job. No need for them anymore.

    Those irritating little mindless social media platforms would all be gone…replaced by state run news.

    Those insipid agendized news writers and reporters would be gone…again, replaced by state run news.

    And we would finally finish the wall…to keep US in.

    1. I smiled when I saw the name, then chuckled when I read the first six words of your first sentence. I always look forward to your commentary, for just those reasons — you never fail to make me smile!

      Thanks, Bobby. Be well, my friend.

  10. Outstanding job, Danny! I have said for decades that the rarest of positive human traits is courage. Plenty of good folks have kindness, intelligence, a good work ethic, and honesty as attributes. Damn few possess real courage. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth on this issue and call out those who are either intellectually lazy or just plain afraid to stand up. This threat has become so grave that every one of us has a moral duty to stand up in some manner or another.

  11. I stand for law and order!! All this violence and destruction has got to stop. I want the country I am proud of back. I wonder if a lot of these young people have been desensitized to violence from the disturbingly violent and radical video games they play? Just a thought. That sort of venue can subtly influence a mind I believe.

    1. Excellent discussion & logically presented Danny. Many of us share your experiences and conclusions. I will be forwarding this to my “woke” step kids!

  12. Simple choice my brother…. stand up for good and fight evil.

    Protect our constitution, support our President and honor our flag.

    Wake up America… this is the most important election of our lives. Vote and vote wisely.

  13. As President Reagan said, “it only takes a generation to lose our Freedoms”. We have not been vigilant. When our former president said he was going to fundamentally change America he meant it. Who tells someone they love they are going to change their basic character? A charlatan and a fraud who hates with a smile on his face. So many cowards in this country who don’t want to upset “the cool kids” as you said. They are blind or indifferent to what they have lost but there will be a reckoning . I hope to God , for the fools and the wise, that our Republic endures and does not fall. To say I am sorry for what the LA Deputies suffered is not enough. It is a passive response. The time demands an active response. Thank you for your response. It is proper to boldly state what you and others are prepared to do to save a civil society with a respect for what that may entail.

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