My Bout with Coronavirus

It happened. Yours truly contracted the dreaded coronavirus.

Coronavirus - COVID-19

I have to be honest. I haven’t lived in fear of catching it, though I have taken the threat of it seriously (as I wrote about in a previous post). I’ve believed its threat to be overstated by the media and used by many of our elected officials as a manner by which to control us. I still believe that.

I’ve watched the numbers and listened to the various so-called experts. I know you can’t trust many of today’s talking heads, but what do the numbers say?

And there’s the rub. You can’t trust the numbers either if you can’t trust those counting. Like election results.

Surviving the Coronavirus

With the coronavirus, some say there is a 99% survival rate. Others say that figure is misleading. All I can tell you is that I am acquainted with quite a few people who have had it, and the majority of their experiences have been similar to mine.

Having said that, my LASD family lost a good man to the coronavirus, someone I knew quite well. He was always a strong, healthy man, and he still was a year ago when I last saw him. It is sad and tragic, and I mourn his passing. Another friend, and former colleague, is fighting for his life as I write this, and I understand that he had some pre-existing conditions that made him high-risk. “Comorbidities” they call that. He is in my prayers, and I know many of my readers also know him and are praying for him as well.

So I realize not all cases of the coronavirus are like mine, but here is my story nonetheless.

My Experience with the Coronavirus

Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend I woke at four a.m. which isn’t entirely unusual for me—a little on the early side, but certainly not unheard of. However, I didn’t feel well, and I was unusually cold. I got up and started the coffee and the fire, in that order. After completing my morning bathroom routine, I grabbed a cup and settled in next to the fire, cozy in my chair.

It was about 20 degrees outside that morning, so a few hours of coffee by the fire before I had to go out and feed the various animals that comprise the Rafter S (ranchette) are things I would have normally relished.

But a few hours later when the Trophy Wife brightened the room, I realized I had fallen asleep after only a sip or two of my coffee. I was still freezing cold, so I bundled up and went outside to take care of my chores. When I returned, it was back to the chair and fire, only this time I added a big fluffy blanket adorned with dog heads to keep me warm. And an actual dog on top of that.

Later, I decided I was being lazy and what I really needed was a round of golf to get the blood circulating. I walked 18 at my usual course, which was wide open since most people don’t care to golf in sub-freezing temperatures. I added ten strokes to the (personal) record-breaking round I had shot the day before. This is the best part about me later finding out I had contracted “The Rona.” I mean, what better excuse could a golfer have for a bad round of golf?

When COVID Hit Home

That evening, it hit hard, an onslaught of all the classic symptoms: fever, chills, body aches, a persistent headache, a dry cough, and no appetite, accompanied by an insatiable thirst. Then, The Warden (AKA Trophy Wife) brings in an onion, presents it, and says, “Can you smell this?”

I couldn’t, nor could she. Next up, we tried to detect any hint of odor from a fresh jar of garlic. Nothing. We sampled a few other food products and then a bottle of delicious single-malt scotch. Finally, I got a faint whiff.

Or was it my wishful imagination?

Either way, we both had symptoms that would make anyone worry that they had the coronavirus, and then the second golf shoe dropped.

One of our daughters reported similar symptoms.

I would later learn that she, my lovely bride, and several others, all who had attended a going-away party for a friend the previous Saturday night, had unknowingly been exposed to someone who tested positive.

My daughter, a teacher, was able to get tested Sunday, and since she was scheduled to be back at school Monday, they provided her with immediate results. She tested positive.

That removed any doubt. It would be nearly impossible, given my daughter’s results, and with so many symptoms of coronavirus myself, to not also be infected.

A Statistic of the Coronavirus

I had become a statistic, but one that would boost the survival rate, I was certain.

I am otherwise healthy, very physically active, and with no pre-existing conditions that would put me in a high-risk category. Though I am admittedly pathetic when sick (only a woman who has experienced the pain of childbirth can relate to how I feel when stricken with the common cold), I was determined to power through this.

But man did I feel like shit.

Monday morning, I arrived at the hospital for a scheduled coronavirus test. I waited in my car as instructed, and soon a woman dressed in a hazmat suit arrived and stabbed a chopstick through my nose and into the back of my brain. I swear the test was worse than the disease.

I slept the bulk of that day away, as I had the day before, bundled by the fire and trying to stay warm. Yet Monday night I still slept like a baby, racking up ten hours of deep slumber! This is highly unusual for me as I am usually a six-to-seven-hour-a-night guy.

Surviving the Coronavirus

I awoke Tuesday morning feeling much better, and chores that morning were not nearly as challenging as they had been the previous several days. As the day wore on, I found myself more energetic, and I could feel that I was getting stronger. Most of my symptoms were all but gone, only a mild headache and lightheadedness remained.

That afternoon the results came in. I was “COVID-19 Symptomatic Priority 2.” I feel like I could have been a bigger priority, but there it is, officially.

Now it’s Tuesday night, and I’m half-watching The Office while writing this blog. I honestly believe I’ll be hitting the links in the next day or two, my focus on retribution.

And this coronavirus thing that has both stricken and divided our world, for me, will be a thing of the past, reduced to a mere memory and a thousand words on The Murder Memo.

* * *

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will share it with your family and friends.


64 thoughts on “My Bout with Coronavirus

    1. I am not an anti-vaccer, but I have no intention at this time to get the vaccination. First, I have the antibodies, and second, I feel like this COVID has been politicized and is being used to control citizens everywhere, and I am very resistant to government overreach and control. Also I feel like there needs to be more time to see side effects and longterm benefits.

      1. Almost word for word what I would have said, thank you sir, I’m loving the books (I’m on Echo Killers now).

  1. Danny,
    I would say something very crude and inappropriate, but unfortunately this is a public forum. But sincerely, hope you and the family recover quickly from the China virus. I think of and pray for people like Roscoe who are fighting for their lives. There should be more emphasis on protecting those that are vulnerable. I agree with you, this is a serious virus but at the same time certain people and groups in our society have used it to try and push their agendas. I believe this is an example of why Americans need to REALLY think about who they vote for at election time.
    Get well my friend,

  2. Having a positive attitude speaks volumes. Getting sick is no fun, but your sense of humor had to help. This virus is a mystery and I’m sure glad that you solved it. Stay well and God Bless.

  3. So glad for the good ending and your good humor along the way. VERY much relieved with hearing you shook it. I have to believe a certain “Bulldog “ tenacity helped a bit as well!
    Thanks So much for sharing, Danny👍

  4. I think those of us that spent many years In environments like the SS, park Inn, shamrock club etc are more resistant to things.

    I’m relieved you and the crew are better my son.

  5. HI Danny, Glad you are feeling better. I suppose the reasons folks can get this virus again is because it IS a virus, just like the flu. Influenza strikes some people hard and others easy. It all depends on lifestyle, genetics, and overall health of the individual. As far as I know, the CDC has yet to state whether or not testing can differentiate between being “positive” due to a prior exposure or from having the actual virus at some point.

  6. Of course we have been talking, so I am well aware of the China Virus (that’s right, I said it) having reached your family. All-in-all, I think it is good news–especially if your aging parents steer clear of it. The consolation prize is that those of you infected will have at least some immunity now. I can’t get a definitive answer as to how long the immunity lasts, possibly because the virus may change over time. I dunno. It’s pretty far above my pay grade. I will continue to pray that your parents stay healthy. Sounds like the odds are pretty good for that being the case anyway. Man, but I have been praying a lot lately. And for quite a few different people, too. Talk to you soon, brother!

  7. Your personal account of how the coronavirus impacted you and your family was very informative. I was surprised to hear that you can get this more than once.
    Anyone growing up before the early 50s, as I did, should remember the threat of Polio. Fortunately, a vaccine was developed when I was in grade school. Then, with two tours in Vietnam, I dodged another health villain…Malaria. Facing this current threat at my age, plus having a few issues with the effects of Agent Orange, I’m hoping that I can dodge this “bio-bullet”, too. Glad that you “beat it”, my friend.

  8. Dearest Danny – thanks for sharing, and delivering your message in an interesting read. Glad you are feeling stronger. As you mentioned, it can affect people differently, and sadly we know people who have died from this strange disease. I am very lucky to still have my parents who are active in their late 80’s, and my Dad will soon be celebrating 90. As much as I would like to be out and about, I would never forgive myself if something I did caused the virus to pass on to them.
    You never know what could be lurking around the corner – so for all of us out there – keep wearing your masks, practice social distancing, COMMON SENSE, and – look at it this way – more time for reading great Danny R. Smith books!! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Natalie, you are so right about protecting those at risk. My greatest fear through this has been that my parents were with me on Thanksgiving, and exposed. One week later and they still don’t have any symptoms, but I’ll keep praying until I know they are out of the woods. That has been my greatest fear, and of course I was floored to know that I had it, so I had no idea I was putting them at risk.

      Thank you for the great comment. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  9. Danny,
    Thanks for such a well written piece. I always wonder why they don’t mention how many people survive the virus or at least how many leave the hospital, alive, after a bout with it. MORE people are surviving it than dying from it. I hope you and your family recover completely.

  10. Danny, you’re not very likely to get a recurrence, particularly after a bout that didn’t cause major symptoms! Guess that group gathering was timed wrong! Hope you’re all well again, soon!

    I haven’t been tested, since I’m self isolating, but skipped my cousin’s outdoor Thanksgiving dinner due to SLIGHT rise in temperature & decreased appetite. Probably just my fall allergies, but this isn’t the time to go visiting, claiming, “It’s just my sinuses! I’m NOT contagious!” Especially when they all work & Im retired!

  11. Prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery to you and your family. Continued prayers for strength and comfort to our families and friends whom have contracted and are fighting this virus. My nephew was hospitalized and now home recovering. Thanks be to God! Love reading your blogs Danny!

  12. I’m so sorry to hear you and your family got COVID but extremely happy to hear you all are doing okay. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you…

  13. Glad to hear you have conquered the Rona. Some of our friends have not been so firtunate. Stay healthy and safe. Best wishes for your family.

  14. I’m going through it now as well. In my case it isn’t all that bad. I do have a cough but no fever and my sense of smell and taste are not affected. It’s been like a mild cold to me. On the other hand my wife has been pretty miserable with it. She’s had most of the symptoms, the cough, the headaches, she still has no sense of smell or taste. She is at least starting to show signs of improvement. Why is she miserable and I’m barely affected? Who knows. Heal fast.

  15. Sorry to hear this, I’m sure you’ll get through. I’ve had that test 5 times and yes it sucks. All mine were pre-op tests and came back clean. Hope you and your family feel better soon.

  16. you and the family get well. It does sound like y’all are on the road to recovery. Let’s hope next year is a little kinder to all of us.

  17. good blog, with what I believe was a good perspective. Someday I’ll go get tested for the antibodies as I believe there is a good chance I had it back befor we all knew what COVID was. Good friends of ours (he is Chinese and she is American), anyway, his parents came here to visit around New Years. The parents talked about having had the “flu” just before they flew here. Our friends both got real sick a week or so later, and my wife and I both had a “bug”…mild flu like symptoms. but so far I like just flying under the radar.

  18. I went through the exact thing last March/April when this all started. I was completely without energy and had the dry cough first thing in the morning. However, I never lost my sense of taste or smell. I tested negative for the virus but positive for the anti-body. Go figure. I agree with everything you said because it’s true! Glad you’re feeling better! Now go shoot some birdies. Lol

  19. I am extremely sad and upset that you and your family got the Covid-19. You and your family are defintely in my prayers for an utmost recovery. Just drink plenty of orange juice and lots of vitamins. And chicken soup does wonders in recovery too.

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