Law and Order

The Thin Blue Line honors men and women in law enforcement.

Policing is probably much simpler in countries where dissenters are machinegunned to death on the streets and a dictator nods his approval.

Being a cop in America, on the other hand, has become an impossible job, and—as it turns out—freedom might be nothing more than a two and a half-century failed experiment. As a former street cop who still bleeds blue, I implore you to vote for law and order when you head to the polls in November.

Headed the Wrong Direction

Freedom for mankind requires personal accountability, civility, and honesty—characteristics that seem to have suddenly vanished in much of today’s society.

When did it start?

How did it happen?

Can we turn it around?

I have no degrees on my wall to augment my thesis on the matter, but I’ve spent considerable time on some of the meanest streets in the country, I’m well-read, and I’ve been a consummate student of my fellow man.

In other words, I’m really “woke.”

A Few Observations

I’ve spent hundreds—if not thousands—of hours listening to the words of killers and probing the illogicality of their motives. I’ve sat with scores of men and women who have lost their children to violence. Some were hysterical, yet others remained calm as if they had always expected it to happen.

Families would gather at crime scenes to see the carnage. Pregnant moms with toddlers in tow would crowd the yellow tape and murmur about the man or boy who lay on the asphalt in a pool of blood.

Similar to third-world countries, violence is the norm, and death is an accepted reality in far too many of our communities.

It’s no wonder that some boys in those neighborhoods pack heat long before their first shave.

Do All Lives Matter?

I remember a young woman shot point-blank in the back as she walked to the bus stop at five in the morning, prepared for a day of labor in the garment district downtown. Her lifeless body, fresh from a morning shower, slowly cooled in the crisp morning air while my partner and I pushed back the onlookers and cordoned off the area with yellow tape. A bus arrived and the spectators went ahead, stealing their final glances before continuing on with their own lives.

The killer was a 13-year-old boy. He had been out with two older boys robbing people throughout the night. They were on their way home when they spotted the young lady with her wet hair and freshly painted fingernails, a plastic lunch bag clasped in her hand. One of the older boys handed a sawed-off shotgun to the kid—a boy who had yet to pass through puberty—and told him it was his turn. It was time to prove himself worthy of gang membership.

The kid walked up behind the unexpecting woman, put the muzzle against her back, and pulled the trigger.

Apparently, her life didn’t matter.

Are the Cops Really the Problem?

The trio drove a few blocks north into the Pueblos housing project where they lived. Nobody there cared that any of them had been out all night, robbing and killing. No fathers to fear, no angry mothers, no judgment.

Yet somehow the cops are the problem.

These are the people that the cops are expected to police, peaceably. They are the lives that “matter” (but only when a cop plays a role in their death).

A thirteen-year-old can blow away a poor lady headed to work—a “dreamer,” in this case—and it never even makes the news.

Lies of the Left

It’s time that the silent majority stand up to the lies of the left that are propagated by the media.

There is no systemic racism in our country, and certainly not in our law enforcement communities.

Blacks are mostly killed by other blacks.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report of 2018 indicates that of the 2,925 black or African American victims of homicide, 2,600 of them were killed by other black or African Americans, mostly males.

According to Statista, there have been 142 black or African Americans killed by police in 2020. Concurrently, 287 whites and 96 Hispanics were killed by the police. The real question is what percentage of those who have been killed by police were violent criminals. For some reason, those statistics aren’t readily available.

It isn’t the cops who are hunting blacks—it’s other blacks. Anyone who has lived or worked in black communities, and who is capable of being objective, knows this to be true.

Law and Order

Meanwhile, our future hangs in the balance and society is on the brink of destruction.

No civilization can survive without law and order, yet half of this country is accepting violence and chaos as the “new norm.” Citizens who legally defend themselves are targeted by activist prosecutors, and the police have been under constant attack by loudmouthed politicians and so-called journalists.

And it’s going to get worse.

I suggest you prepare for a tumultuous couple of months. Expect civil unrest worse than what we witnessed all summer. Be prepared for violent mobs to venture into the suburbs—maybe into your neighborhood. Stock up on your supplies now, and have a plan.

Be prepared to protect your loved ones. Especially if you live in a Democrat-controlled city, county, or state, where politicians have neutered the police and have stood by idly while their communities are destroyed and citizens are terrorized.

Vote Wisely

I never expected to be political on this blog, but I also never expected to see a political party become so radical and move so far away from our founding principles and common decency.

Since the Democrats are openly calling for defunding, dismantling, “reimagining” the police, I have no choice but to publically stand against them.

I’m not the only one. For the first time ever, not a single law enforcement union has endorsed Joe Biden, and for damn good reason: the Democrats have become unabashed enemies of law enforcement, and adversaries to law and order. Don’t be fooled by Biden’s statement that he is supported by 175 “law enforcement officials.” That list includes Janet Napoletano and various attorneys general, not a single one of whom has ever put their life on the line for you. Not a single one of these so-called “law enforcement officials” has ever stood over an innocent woman or child slain by a monster.

Get out and vote on November 3.

Vote for law and order, regardless of your political affiliation. The choice has never been more clear, and the consequences have never been greater.

* * *

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will share it with your family and friends.






30 thoughts on “Law and Order

  1. Wow! That was exceptionally well stated. Truly! The Trump campaign would do well to use your message in its “at the goal line” campaign. i don’t even have a thing to add. Thank you for putting in the effort to put that together so well, and for showing the courage to post it!

  2. I was in one of the first academy classes post Rodney King. The D.I.’s were at a loss as to what we were to be taught regarding use of force. Things were changing rapidly but what I kept hearing was “don’t worry kid, the pendulum will swing back”. Well, almost 30 years later I’m still waiting for the pendulum to swing back. The Libs have been “defunding” the police for years by taking money away from our budgets to give more and more to useless social programs. We have gone without resources, training and hiring new (responsible, respectable) cops and have been worked to the bone with CARPING and unlimited overtime (funny how they can justify that). Too much time spent on the golf courses (apologies for those golfers) and sucking up to the unions. Leaders who used to be conservative thinkers and cared for the troops have been replaced by the politically motivated Libs who cower to BLM and pander to the Unions. I always hated the fact that we “had” to belong to the union and then watched as they gave my money to candidates that did not support my moral and ethical views. You are right to point this out Danny. We are in a fight for the soul of our country and while Trump should keep his big mouth shut and stay off of Twitter, he oddly supports and accomplishes the things that matter the most to me.

  3. I was recently trying to explain to a younger person, that the Democratic Party USED to be the party that supported the unions, including police unions. My friend couldn’t understand what I was saying, because it was completely contrary to their (more recent) experience.

  4. Already voted for the only man who truly believes in the USA!! If President Trump doesn’t win, our country is toast. #BackTheBlue
    #God Bless America

  5. Very well said, Danny. After 8 years of “the police acted stupidly”, the dems trying to propagate the “hands up/don’t shoot” lie by trying to suppress the video where Michael Brown robbed and battered the convenient store owner, or when Obama went to the funeral of the five Dallas police officers killed by the sniper and saying the police need better training, (in what, Bullet Dodging 101) and after this past summer of attacks on police, defunding and reimaging police work, how can any cop, relative or friend of a cop, vote for ANY Democrat?

  6. Although we differ–even strongly–on a few significant topics, I find that our views are predominantly in accord. I grieve the corruption that has entered local, state, and federal politics and particularly the dramatic radical shift to what some pundits call the “religion” of the new Left. I heard a recent interview of Michael Malice in which he asserted that whichever “side” wins this election, the evil (he used a lot of big words, but it boils down to evil) that fuels the rage of the radicals (both sides) will burn out soon. Of course, the artifacts of the recent shifts will remain, so there will be a requirement for some (considerable) clean-up.
    Sadly, most of these radicals have gained support from “us”, and by the time we get our heads out of our (pick your preferred orifice), finding better replacements will be a challenge.
    So my take on the likely future proposed by Malice is either a somewhat benevolent dictatorship or a fascist supposedly-social country.
    Unfortunately, there hasn’t appeared on the bandwagon anyone who can speak to the folks who aren’t blinded by the extremist/radical/divisive Pied Pipers, so it’s a coin-toss how this is going to develop.

    1. I disagree with those who say President Trump is a dictator. Obama and Pelosi shoved things down our throats against our will and against the constitution (mandating that citizens purchase a product?). Thank you for your comments.

  7. Detective Smith, you are saying the Truth from so much suffering you have seen in your career as a Law Enforcement Deputy and Detective! Lots of those “defund the police” crowd conveniently live in affluent and gated communities, where they have never experienced the predatory criminals who are willing or eager to kill over something petty to the outside world. I posted this video as the Pandemic began, because its how Democrats and Antifa want America to become, a Third World Fiefdom of Crime and Despair….

    And for me, the solution to really end this mob violence mentality is for police officers to be allowed to kick ass again. Battering ram, the works. Once police officers and sheriff deputies were forced to become “service oriented”, the criminal element lost all fear and respect for Law and Order. The solution is not in sentencing once all the victim’s family tears have run dry, but Before it happens! Nobody who has ever followed the directions of a Police Officer been shot or beaten. All those cases of “police brutality” are thugs who think their mentality or their toughness will work on an armed police officer.

    At the end of the day, police officers and sheriff deputies are Human, and No Human wants to be hurt, maimed, or even killed for doing their job. People work hard every morning because those bills are always due. Kids and families need to be fed, and many officers and deputies have put on that uniform at the beginning of their shift, only to never come home. Biden wins, America will suffer like it has never suffered before. Antifa thugs and similar trash want to destroy and rob hardworking families of a lifetime of sacrifice. Real racial justice begins at home, when parents need to step up and demand to know where their kids and young adults are at ALL Times, and who their “friends” really are. Kid shows up carrying unexplained cash and expensive electronics, the kid most likely did something illegal to get that easy money. Accountability begins at home, and that is the conversation BLM and Sleepy Joe Biden should start. Until then, violence will get worse before it gets better. Be well Det. Smith and family. Hoping for better days ahead too.

  8. I’m with you, brother. I never thought it would get this bad either. I’m really concerned for our country. Ironically, the left has become the image of fascism and intolerance today.

  9. All those bars on the doors and windows of the homes of the decent, hard working people in the inner city……aren’t there to keep the cops out.

  10. Hello! I already voted for law and order. I live in California and have friends in the police department. I fear for their lives and the lives of their families and pray they are safe. Newsom, Pelosi, Biden and Harris all have private security unlike the rest of America. Each of them deserves a good, hard reality slap. I am ready, willing, and able to deliver it.

  11. Well Danny at least the left has finally dropped the charade of making change to better our society. They say they wish to protect our democracy forgetting that we are a Republic and that our founders, in their wisdom, knew the inherent flaw of democracy in which the majority is free to tyrannize those who disagree. They have long regarded those of us who wish to conserve the values of privacy, responsibility and earning self worth as regressive and a danger to their plans to make a better man. Now they openly state that we are fascists for wanting our civil society to act in a manner that reflects our values. We have no choice but to acquiesce or defy the lie. So yes we must vote against the “Jackasses” but as you say we must also be prepared to continue the defiance against those who wish to destroy our Republic.

  12. Without question, the most important election in our lifetime thus far. I think the future of this Country, as we know it, hangs on who gets to be president. I actually sit on my front porch and pray for our current President; that he be re-elected. Scary that one takes the time to do that. I voted early. Have my yard signs out for all to see. Have big ass Trump flags on my truck. Talk with the neighbors, cops on patrol, friends at our river camp…. Truly hope America is awake and votes for our future as a nation.

  13. You are spot on with your observations. I enjoy reading your books and blogs. Keep up the good work and stay safe

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