After Midnight

Very few people are killed by strangers while at home with their families or even enjoying an evening out with friends. But when you stay out all night—or into the wee hours—you increase the odds of becoming a victim of violence. The older I get, the more I have come to appreciate that. 

Frederick Reynolds Interview

Frederick Reynolds is a retired Los Angeles County homicide detective and former Compton police officer. Today he joins us to discuss his illustrious and meritorious career, his love of writing, and his newly released law enforcement memoir, BLACK, WHITE, AND GRAY ALL OVER. Join me in welcoming Fred.

Law and Order

Policing is probably much simpler in countries where dissenters are machinegunned to death on the streets and a dictator nods his approval. Being a cop in America, on the other hand, has become an impossible job, and—as it turns out—freedom might be nothing more than a two and a half-century failed experiment. As a former street…