Echo Killers

Echo Killers

The lovely woman stood over him and he held onto her gaze as a wave of darkness rolled over him.

Los Angeles, 2018. A runaway boy claims to have witnessed a murder. The story seems farfetched, but Floyd takes the case. Unsure, he turns to his old partner for a second opinion.

But Dickie has problems of his own. He has been assigned a new partner, a good cop but one with a checkered past. It’s the last thing Dickie needs, regardless of how sexy she happens to be. When the two are sent to investigate a murder in Compton, Dickie recognizes the similarities to Floyd’s new case.

Army investigators descend on South Los Angeles in search of AWOL soldiers, while Dickie and Floyd close in on the killers. Are their paths set to collide?

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About the Book

Parts of a Foreword

by Dennis “Deac” Slocumb:

“Make certain your lap belt is tight and your seat is in the full upright position, as you are in for a ride. This is the third, and in my opinion the best, of a series of crime novels by Danny Smith.”

“He combines believable stories in a fluid, compelling manner and with dialogue that is spot on. His works are on par with Connelly, Wambaugh, and Leonard.”

“Cancel your plans for the afternoon when you begin this book, as the story will keep you glued to your seat turning pages. It is truly a fast ride.”



Series: Dickie Floyd Detective Series, Book 3
Genre: Crime Fiction
Tags: 187, Crime Fiction, Crime Novel, Dickie Floyd Detective, Homicide, LASD
Publisher: Dickie Floyd Novels
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1732280959
ISBN: 9781732280946
List Price: 14.95
eBook Price: 4.99
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